I'm also a

Hi, I'm Steph!

As a UX Designer, I'm a firm believer that UX is not about technology; it's about people. In my design process, I constantly aim to advocate on the user's behalf and find the solution that will meet both user needs and business goals.

Prior to UX, I worked for Coach corporate in various capacities including visual merchandising, communications, logistics and production. Each of these roles involved teamwork, project management, cross-functional partnership, budget constraints, and a focus on customer experience all of which are applicable to my current UX process.

I also thrive at applying my research skills gained from my Political Science degree to my current user research process in investigating and discovering user needs, analyzing competitors and uncovering market opportunities.

I believe in creative collaboration, and strive under pressure. I love challenges, and I appreciate feedback. I consider myself an “entrepreneur in training” and strive to meet business goals as I design user experiences.